Mohu, Daily Burn & 3 New Things From My Apartment Move

Last month brought about a nice change in scenery: a new apartment. This change led me to try out a few other new things that I wanted to share.

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1. Mohu Leaf Antenna

Mohu Antenna

I dropped the cable bill and picked up a Leaf HD antenna from Mohu.

Since the DTV transition back in 2009, television stations are broadcasting a digital over-the-air HD signal that anyone can pick up provided they have an HD antenna and live close enough to a broadcast tower.

There are tons of antennas out there that will work, but the Leaf’s minimalist design allows it to blend easily into your existing environment. You can be up and running in just a few minutes and there is no assembly required. And the box even comes with Velcro strips that allows it to easily hang on a window or wall.

To be clear, every television channel isn’t broadcast over-the-air (most aren’t) so this is not a complete replacement for cable. But if you’re ok with that, give it a shot. Many people use it in conjunction with streaming services like NetFlix, Amazon or a Roku device.

For only $40, I say it’s worth a shot.

2. Daily Burn

Daily Burn

Workouts get stale overtime so variety is key. But sometimes variety is hard to plan. Services like the Daily Burn make the variety part easy – just press ‘play’.

For $10/month (after the 30-day trial), you get access to a wide variety of video workouts that require minimal equipment.

I’m still exploring the content, but there does seem to be good selection of strength & conditioning, mobility, yoga and cardio workouts to choose from.


Moving into a new space can be challenging. tries to make it less so.

I used their free service to do 3 things:

  1. Notify the post office to forward my old physical address to my new physical address.
  2. Notify a few accounts (like my bank) of my new address.
  3. Unsubscribe my new address from some of the common junk mail lists.

This was so easy that I felt compelled to email their support department to confirm that I was actually done, and they confirmed (multiple times) that I was in fact done… and to please stop emailing them or they would turn the junk mail services back on.

They were right. I was done. And I received confirmation at my new address from the post office and my bank a few days later. It really was that easy.

2 thoughts on “Mohu, Daily Burn & 3 New Things From My Apartment Move”

  1. This is a timely post for me to be reading. I have just been exploring dropping cable, and have put the Mohu on my Amazon wish list. I already have a Roku, and I’m exploring hooking my PC up to the TV to use Microsoft Media Service to record and pause live TV…

    1. Glad to hear it, Paul. If I had to do it again, I would consider upgrading to the Leaf Ultimate that has a larger range and longer cord, but the standard model works well 90% of the time. Hope you are well!

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