Keto Diet Experiment | It’s the Calories, Stupid! | Day 63 Results

Week In Review

Ketone Monitor
Ketone Monitor

It’s tough to believe there are only 3 weeks left in the Ketogenic Diet Experiment. But it’s true. We’re in the final stretch.

While the end is getting near, I learned 2 important things this week that would’ve been nice to know in the beginning.

First, a ketone blood monitor is a really useful tool that I should’ve had going into this thing.

When you’re not getting the results you expect, an accurate reading gives you the information needed to be confident when making (or not making) a change. I plan to chart morning ketone readings on this page for the rest of the quarter… or until I stop. =)

Second, I’ve been consuming WAY too many calories which is something I plan to address this week. While there may be certain metabolic advantages to the ketogenic diet, calories do matter.

New Dietary Adjustments

  • Decrease Calories Consumed
    • I will eat until satisfied and quit consuming food like a competitive eater. No offense, Kobayashi!

Results & Charts

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4 thoughts on “Keto Diet Experiment | It’s the Calories, Stupid! | Day 63 Results”

  1. Do you mean that you have been consuming too many calories over the course of the entire experiment or just recently? Your weight hasn’t changed much so I don’t understand how you can say you’ve been consuming too many? Do you know how many calories you approximately have consumed daily?

    1. Thanks for the comment. My weight does fluctuate a good bit so I’m hesitant to draw any solid conclusions based on those numbers alone. But it does look to be trending higher. I really haven’t been measuring calories very rigorously. ~3000/day in previous weeks? Less than that now.

      1. Thanks Mark, I just wasn’t exactly sure what you meant. Your weight could both be muscle and fat.

        I read the introduction to your experiment but I still don’t fully understand what you’re trying to figure out. Is it blood markers, weight, muscle mass, fat mass, mental performance etc.?

        1. Good point, Hemming. You’ve pointed out the obvious shortcoming in using weight as a metric.

          As for the purpose. I was intrigued by the diet, wanted to try something new, wanted to judge the purported benefits for myself and wanted to share that experience.

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