Evernote Tips: 3 Things I Learned Recently

1. Saved Searches Are Awesome

I’ve known that saved searches existed for a while but never found them useful in the past. Well, they are. If you use Evernote, you should use them.

Saved Search - Agendas Frequent (in Windows)

Here’s an example.

Agendas Frequent is a saved search that I have setup for agendas* that I want to be able to access quickly.

*For me, an agenda is just a meeting with an individual or a group that I keep notes for that can be accessed during (or in preparation for) a meeting. Saved Search - Agendas Frequent (in Android)

This saved search is defined in two parts: tag:Agendas updated:month-2 (image 1).

  1. tag:Agendas – This retrieves any note I’ve tagged with “Agendas”.
  2. updated:month-2 – This retrieves any note that has been updated in the current month or either of the two preceding months. This is how I’ve defined “frequent”. If I haven’t updated it within the last 3 months, I don’t want to see it here.

Once the search is created on my PC, it is available on the go on any other Evernote device. See Android (image 2).

There are tons of options for customizing saved searches – far more than I knew about. A great listing of the available search options can be found on Evernote development’s search grammar page.

2. Reminders Are Available For Android

Evernote reminders were added to Android earlier this summer (check out the video). The Android GUI is super easy to use, but it’s not available on Windows yet so it’s not a complete solution for me at this point. More information is available here:

3. Screen Capture Keyboard Shortcut

Evernote has a nice screen capture built-in that is really useful and can be accessed quickly with keyboard shortcuts.

*Default Keyboard Shortcuts: 


Evernote Screen Capture ExampleThe keystroke triggers a crosshair cursor which allows you to select a region of the screen. Once selected, the region is immediately saved to Evernote where you can access later to edit, reference, etc.

Here’s what an example of the output of a screen capture of a region of this page (image 3).

*If you use both Windows and Mac, it really helps to make these shortcuts consistent. In my Windows environment, the shortcut matches the default Mac shortcut.


Thanks for reading. Share your Evernote tips if you got ’em!

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